Panda GloveGrip

No. A panda did not get eaten by a gator. They are harmoniously working together to keep your gloves and gear in place! This panda is cute as well as it is fuzzy. Yes, there is faux fur on this one. Enjoy and have fun!!!

Interchangeable G Face - Our unique feature utilizes industrial strength hook material that allows you to add, change, or swap a different G Face for your preference! Please browse our G Face Collection for a different look.


GloveGrip -  Never  Worry About Losing your Gloves and Keys Again, Ever!

  • Heavy Duty Polypropylene Strapping
  • Weather Resistant Black Nylon Hardware rated at 30lbs
  • Industrial strength hook and loop fasteners
  • Additional 3/8" strapping to attach to a variety of objects