Japan WorkGrip

A very simplistic design with only slight hints of complementary colors to make the centerpiece, the Sun, stand out. An uncomplicated, cool, and modern design.

WorkGrip - Place Gloves and Gear Here!

We Guarantee Peace of Mind

The WorkGrip is perfect for your tool belt, tool box, bag, truck, rig, etc. It's extremely durable and lightweight. 
Our patented, open-and-close design combines the industrial gripping strength of hook-and-loop with heavy-duty cotton strapping that enables you to carry and secure your gloves and gear to a strap, belt or handle. Your gear will always be secured, visually verified, and air-dried within reach. 
1" Heavy Duty Burn-off Cotton Webbing
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Unit weight 41.0 grams per yard
  • Thickness 0.108 inches
Weather Resistant Black Nylon Hardware
2 Rotating Solid Nylon Snap Hooks
2 Solid Nylon D-Rings
30lbs Carrying Capacity
Industrial Strength Loop Fasteners
  • Industrial grade
  • Maximum strength at 10,000 open/close
Additional 1" Strapping for Added Safety and Stability
Interchangeable G Face Design