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The Pink Room – that is where G Handle Co- Founder and President, Oliver Carnate learned how to use the brand new sewing machine to hand-sew his first set of G Handle prototypes from a few large patches, Velcro, and carabiner clips.

A resident of Chicago, Illinois, and an avid golfer, Oliver wanted to find a way to keep his golf gloves easily accessible while on the course or practicing at the range.   He utilized several gloves during play. Instead of pocketing them between each use, he would set them out to air dry, placed on his bag, cart or clothing.  This usually resulted in the loss or misplacement of his gloves.  Frustration inspired him to invent a carefully engineered, yet stylish solution called the G Handle.

The G Handle is the ultimate patented "Place Your Gloves Here".  It is fashionably constructed to clip onto or attach to athletic bags, shoulder strap backpacks, and even on belt loops.  With its folded design (EquipGrip), secured by industrial hook-and-loop, the G Handle’s main purpose is to keep multiple pieces of gear together and easily accessible while eliminating the risk of losing them.  This brand new device was found to not only benefit golfers and athletes, but also individuals who lead active lifestyles.

With commercials that aired on ESPN, ESPN2, the Golf Channel, and being on the cover of Southland Golf Magazine, the G Handle was ranked No. 2 in the Top 10 Most Innovative Products at the 2010 PGA Show in the Toronto Sun and Ottawa Sun Golf Guide. It was also featured as a hot new product on the Joe Show at the 2010 ASI Show in Chicago.

Having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Master’s degree in Education, Oliver taught science at one of the most prestigious high schools in Illinois, Walter Payton College Prep.  He coached golf for six years, and brought the team to win their first-ever city championship.  With a competitive, creative, and innovative mind, Oliver utilized his hard work ethic and began to bring his idea to athletes.  In June 2009, he partnered with Co-Founder and President of Marketing and Strategy, Edgar Jimenez, whose 20+ years of consumer products, start-up, and Fortune 400 experience has enabled them to accelerate G Handle’s product launch.  After two years of testing, and over 35 prototypes later, Oliver and Edgar officially introduced the G Handle to the public on January 27th, 2010 at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.